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February 17, 2007


vince gerardis

Our website is the cure to your second item.

It'll be in basic operation in ABOUT ONE MONTH now.. (taken so much longer because I have a lot of wild ideas that my genius IT guy can actually do, even though nobody's ever done them before). So stand by a little bit longer and feel free to be in touch again!




Vince, thanks. What will your new site support or encourage? Face to face meet-ups?


To address my own question above, people tend to sort themselves out into smaller groups and communities. Call those "nodes." The key is not to make one big conglomeration of disparate people, but to link discrete nodes in a carefully controlled way. That is the art of networking. Making the right connections. The work may go on at the nodes, but only if the nodes are connected. When we say that some communities get more done, and we drill down on that, you find money, power, influence, command and control hierarchies, favor trading, quid pro quos, and much more. When you get to the periphery of the network, you find many many people loosely affiliated who have little power to get anything done for lack of money or lack of credibility, or lack of structures, or lack of decent information (since information publicly available is not only less than what insiders get, but also intentionally bent or distorted by insiders to keep the riffraff from seeing the way the game is played or rigged). So, if we are committed to getting things done for democracy, we are doomed to getting things done with, not just for, the riffraff. We won't want to touch them with a ten foot pole, but we can touch someone who touches them with a ten foot pole. That is what I am suggesting. That TWWW might be the ten foot pole, or one of several.

Michael Maranda

Networks need room to breathe (and breed).

A small but growing number of us are networking daredevils ... ready to mash up any concept and crowd and see what emerges.

But that's not the true art of networking of the nodes described above.

Each node needs enough space to have its own identity take a vital course. It has to address it's needs and establish an ecology of vales for itself.

That node may form on the basis of community - grounded in place, passion, preference or even profession. Achieving "community" for each node is an accomplishment in our epoch.

The challenge is in group preparedness to think to the next wider frame and to connect again. Once you have found some community you need not stop. (Why do we stop? Are we so relieved?)

Sometimes the group itself works to undermine attempts at wider common framing.

Working with and among nodes is the practical work towards the world we want. Such work encourages the formation and question and experimentation with identity. We have to know more who we are and where we stand in relation to each other to articulate what we want in a meaningful way.


Well put, Michael. I particularly like your points about connecting to the next larger frame and how some nodes do not want to be connected, preferring solidarity, privacy, and autonomy. The present administration seems that way.

Julie Caldwell

There is a Network Weaving Node (Network, Guild and Biz) establishing itself within Emerging Futures. Perhaps this Network Weaving Node will be able to facilitate some of the intermediary activity you call for.

Vince, I'm very interested in your new technology innovations. When you are ready, you may wish to talk with the Emerging Futures Network technology node. We are working on some state of the art open source platforms that could rock the TWWW world.

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