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June 02, 2005



My thanks for the links. We should talk.

This The World We Want is fantastic.

phil cubeta

We should indeed talk. My email is phil@gifthub, but it might be more instructive to talk via posts, links, and comments, so as to draw others into the conversation of democracy, not only those who are professionals, or advisors, or funders, but those whose lives are affected by giving, in all its many ramifications, including strategic giving for policy change. We do need a "feedback loop" between givers at the top and those served below, and a lattice of communication and social capital formation across society including givers rich and poor.

Juke Moran

Small California town with a cow-college, 1950's, a brand-new public library downtown with that brick-and-blonde-wood lots-of-glass-and-light architecture. It's where I learned to read the grown-up books, science-fiction almost exclisively at first. Somewhere between then and the monstrous rush of adulthood I learned to draw a line between what was, toward what might be, and I saw the library of the future - like that one was to its time and place, leading, arrived, here, present and pointing toward more.

phil cubeta

For me it was a bookstore in a college town, where the college kids bought their textbooks. Small store, huge world it opened up.

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